Auto Insurance

Having Auto Insurance is The Law.
Having The RIGHT Car Insurance

Today, auto insurance does more than give you peace-of-mind behind the wheel. It’s necessary to keep you legal to drive. Without car insurance, you risk losing your driver’s license, and you risk numerous fines. 

Beyond being required by law, auto insurance is important to protect your vehicle as well as protect your financial assets should you get into an accident. Here’s the problem: most everyone shops for car insurance the same way — lowest auto insurance premium wins! 

While Compass Insurance Group always strives to get you the lowest possible rate on your car insurance, our goal is to find the RIGHT auto insurance that best protects you for the long term. After all, we will never recommend a car insurance policy that saves you a few bucks today but puts you at risk for TENS of THOUSANDS in medical expenses after an accident. 

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Getting The Most Benefit For The Least Expense
Starts By Better Understanding Auto Insurance

Let’s start here: you have options. Sure, you can simply get the minimum liability coverage for Tennessee. You’ll be able to legally drive and not get fined. However, you’ll also be exposing yourself and your family to sky-high financial risks.

To help you to better understand the different auto insurance coverage options, here are the nine most common coverages.

1. Liability Coverage

This is the only coverage that is mandatory in most states, including Tennessee. You are legally required to have the minimum amount of liability coverage set by your state. The two components of liability coverage are Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. Bodily injury liability helps pay for the costs of another person’s injuries if you cause the accident, whereas property damage liability helps pay for damage to another’s property.

While the law requires everyone to have car insurance, not everyone carries it. Therefore, if you’re hit by a driver who has no insurance or is underinsured, this coverage will help pay for your medical bills. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is required in some states, but not Tennessee.

2. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

3. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive for your car is an optional, but strongly recommended coverage. Beyond a car accident, there are several perils you could face as a car owner. Theft, fire, vandalism and hail are among the most common risks you face, and comprehensive coverage may help pay to repair or even replace your vehicle.

This optional insurance coverage can help to supplement the cost of repair if you hit another vehicle or even an inanimate object (fence, building, etc.).

4. Collision Coverage

5. Medical Payments Coverage

The cost to repair your vehicle can be substantially less than any medical bills you could face. That’s where medical payments coverage comes in by helping to cover hospital costs, surgery, X-rays, medication and more.

This supplemental coverage also helps pay for medical expenses. It also may cover lost wages, child care or other expenses you face as a direct result of your injury.   

6. Personal Injury Protection

7. Towing and Roadside Assistance

Out of gas? Have a flat? Need a jump? Towing and roadside assistance coverage gets you back on the road quickly, safely and very affordably. For just pennies on the dollar, gain peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Can you afford to be without a car for 10 or more days while your car is in the body repair shop? Nobody can! Thankfully, rental car reimbursement coverage from Compass Insurance Group pays for your rental car so you don’t incur the additional cost of essential transportation.

8. Loss of Use / Rental Car Reimbursement

9. OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

These are the details other insurance agents may overlook. Most auto insurance policies only pay for parts of “like kind and quality” following an accident, which may not live up to the standards of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) parts. Ask your MIS agent about policies that provide additional coverage for OEM parts instead of the cost-cutting aftermarket parts most body shops use.

Just One Call Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rate
AND Increase Protection

As a local independent insurance agency, we have a big advantage over those multibillion-dollar agencies. While they can only offer you one option and one price for car insurance, we will shop numerous agencies to find you the absolute best coverage possible at the lowest rate possible. That’s the Compass Insurance Group difference!


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