Business Property Insurance

Don't Let A Single Disaster Devastate Your Business,
Your Assets and Your Livelihood

You have a lot invested in your business. Beyond your employees and payroll, your physical assets are among your most valuable and most critical to keeping your business open, productive and servicing customers. Problem is, far too many business owners and managers do the BARE MINIMUM required by law when it comes to protecting their business assets. Sure, you can save a few dollars today… but at the risk of exposing yourself to MASSIVE financial losses in the future. 

Here are the shocking facts: According to FEMA, 40% to 60% of small businesses NEVER reopen after a disaster! And for those businesses that do reopen, 25% of those FAIL within a YEAR. For your business, a disaster could be anything from a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado to more common concerns, such as theft, fire, smoke, water or vandalism and damage. 

Commercial property insurance (also known as business property insurance) protects many of the most expensive and vital parts of your business, including: 

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Physical Assets
of the Business

With business property insurance from Compass Insurance Group, you protect your most expensive business assets, including the business property, computers, tools and equipment, office furniture, fixtures and inventory and supplies. This crucial peace-of-mind covers both owned and leased properties. 

If your accounts receivables, customer files and employee and product documentation are wiped out, you can lose considerable dollars and time. Business property insurance through Compass Insurance Group can help cover the costs if these critical documents are damaged, lost or stolen.

Important Documents
and Files


Beyond your office building, this important insurance protection also covers fixtures inside and outside the property, including signage, lighting systems, carpeting, windows and even landscaping.

Even if you keep your personal laptop or other personal property at your business, if it’s stolen or damaged, commercial property insurance can help cover the costs.

Personal and
Customer Property

Income and
Earnings Loss

Every day that your business isn’t up and running, you lose vital sales, revenue and income. Business property insurance through CIG can help cover those losses during business interruption.

Most business owners don’t realize their commercial property insurance also helps cover the costs associated if a customer trips, falls or has an accident in your store.


Company Vehicles
and Traveling

Even outside of your office, commercial property insurance can dissolve your worry and stress. While traveling, company-owned vehicles as well as company tools and equipment are covered as long as employees are working.

Gain Peace-Of-Mind With Commercial Property Insurance
From Compass Insurance Group

Our team always strives to provide our customers with the precise amount of peace-of-mind coverage that will protect your business and your assets. While not every business owner needs business property insurance, you should definitely consider this coverage if one or more applies to you:

  • You own a commercial office or building.
  • You rent an office building or storage space.
  • You have valuable property, such as computers, specialized tools, inventory or office furniture.
  • You have a commercial landlord who requires you to have commercial property coverage.

If you already have insurance coverage for your business, it's possible your current policy provides sufficient coverage for commercial property insurance.

Speak with one of our licensed commercial insurance agents at 615-987-0067 or contact us now to learn if your office property and business are well protected...or not.