Commercial Auto Insurance

3 Questions That Reveal If You’ll Be
Better Protected With A
Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

You have a car or truck. You have a business. Unfortunately, there are too many insurance agents out there who believe those two factors equals a need for commercial auto insurance. That’s simply not the case. At Compass Insurance Group, our insurance experts will first work to better understand your business before determining if a commercial auto insurance policy will better protect your business and assets. It’s possible your current personal auto insurance policy is all you need.

While we never advocate purchasing an additional policy that you don’t need, we also believe you should be fully protected. If you get into an accident and discover you were not adequately insured, you could be sued, which puts your money, valuable time and business at risk. Our job is to make sure that NEVER happens to you. We do this by educating people about how to best protect their assets through sufficient coverage.

Ready for a little education? Here are the 3 questions that shed light on if you and your business are better protected with commercial auto insurance coverage.

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Question #1: What TYPE of Vehicle Will You Be Using?

It’s pretty clear that commercial vehicles which require a commercial license will also require a commercial insurance policy. Examples of such vehicles include semi-trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks and commercial trailers. These heavy duty vehicles are significantly heavier than a standard pickup truck or SUV and can therefore cause costlier damage if involved in an accident.

If you or an employee of yours drives a similar vehicle for your business, our team can help find a level of commercial auto coverage that best protects you as you best protect your wallet.

It sounds pretty obvious, but if you’ll be using the vehicle for business purposes, you will probably need a commercial insurance policy. However, if you simply use the vehicle to commute to a job or even to your business, a personal auto insurance policy should suffice. In addition, if you plan to haul special equipment or transport goods or even people, you will need a commercial auto insurance policy.

Regardless if the vehicle is a heavy-duty truck, a car, a van or even a motorcycle, if the main purpose of the vehicle is to conduct business, you’ll want to protect yourself with commercial auto insurance.

Question #2: How Will You USE The Vehicle?

Question #3: Who OWNS and DRIVES The Vehicle?

If you’re a sole proprietor, and you’re only using your vehicle for personal use or even on a limited time basis, you may be sufficiently covered under your personal auto policy. However, if you have employees who drive their own vehicles to conduct business — whether the vehicles are rented, leased or owned — you will probably need a commercial auto policy.

Fleet Owners: Save Even More With Our Fleet Program

Whether your company has a fleet of five cars or five hundred trucks, Compass Insurance Group offers aggressively low rates to cover multiple vehicles. Because we shop dozens of insurance companies to find the protection you need that meets your budget, we may just surprise you with how much you can save.

Connect with us today so we can learn more about your fleet of vehicles.

Discover The Real Value Of Commercial Auto Insurance

With the right commercial auto policy in your hands, all of your commercial vehicles are covered. While you never want to think about yourself or your employees getting into an accident, a commercial policy can make all the difference.

If you or your employee is found at fault, commercial auto insurance helps pay for the damaged vehicles, damaged property and even the medical expenses. You’re even protected in the event of a fatal accident.

However, without this vital insurance protection in place, you could be paying for repairs to ALL vehicles involved, ALL medical bills and ALL legal fees. Just one crash could bring everything you worked for crashing down!

Don’t make the mistake of hoping and wishing your personal auto insurance is “good enough”. Talk to one of our licensed commercial insurance agents at 615-987-0067 or contact us to learn if you’re well protected… or not.