Flood Insurance

The Moment You Watch Rising Water Enter Your Home
Is Not The Time To Ask:
"Do We Have Good Flood Insurance?"

“Our home will never flood.”
“There’s no body of water anywhere close to us.”
“We don’t live in a flood zone, so we’re good.”

For some reason, people think they can outsmart water. They believe they can predict where flooding will occur. Sure, they know that everyone is at risk for fire, theft and even storm damage. But when it comes to flooding, they falsely believe, “That will NEVER happen to us.”

Here’s why we have this FALSE sense of security when it comes to flooding: we think of flooding as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Water up to the second floor… cars floating away… people stranded on their roofs. But fact is, most home flooding isn’t a result of hurricanes. Plus, most any home in the Middle Tennessee area is susceptible to flooding. Here are a few facts about flooding:

  • The damage from just ONE INCH of water can cost a homeowner upwards of $20,000.
  • Flash floods from heavy rains can occur anywhere and with very little notice.
  • Even in a 100-year flood plain, your home has a 1% chance of flooding EVERY year.
  • Houston has experienced THREE 500-year floods in the last THREE years!
  • If a home valued at $250,000 gets flooded, it may incur more damage than it’s worth!
Flood Insurance for compass insurance group of murfreesboro

Protect Your Home And Your Wallet From Today's
#1 Natural Disaster — Get Affordable Flood Insurance

It’s true. In the United States, floods are the number one natural disaster in terms of frequency and monetary damage they cause. That’s because it takes only a few inches of water to cause irreversible damage to your home and your belongings.

While you may think your homeowners policy will cover any rising water, fact is that most homeowners insurance DOES NOT cover floods. And since floods can occur anywhere, purchasing a separate flood insurance policy can safeguard your financial future if the unthinkable happens. Compass Insurance Group proudly offers surprisingly affordable flood insurance plans for both homeowners and renters that will give you peace-of-mind if the waters start to rise.

So What Does Flood Insurance
from Compass Insurance Group Cover?

Our flood insurance policies can cover both the structure of your home as well as your possessions. Please note that a flood insurance policy typically does not cover your land. 

The coverage for the structure
of your home typically includes:

  • The home’s foundation
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Central heating and air
  • Water heaters
  • Built-in appliances, including refrigerator, stoves, oven, etc.
  • Installed carpeting, hardwood flooring
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Portable applicances such as microwaves
  • Washers and dryers

Contents inside your home that can be protected by a flood insurance policy include:

Protect Your Home, Your Belongings And Your Bank Account
with Flood Insurance From Compass Insurance Group

Why join those who face a mountain of bills and a mountain of regret? Because how will you feel after a couple days of rain as the water comes closer and closer to your home and all of your personal treasures?

The two saddest words: “If only.” For just a few dollars you experience enormous peace-of-mind because you’ll be protected from the financial risk of a flood. Countless people — even those who live nowhere near a body of water — have regretted not taking action and getting flood insurance when they had the chance.

Talk with one of our licensed commercial insurance agents at 615-987-0067 or contact us now to discover how flood insurance can greatly reduce your financial risk if the waters begin to rise.